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For manufacturers of tubing products, or those who manufacture products with tubing components, Severance Tool has developed a line of tube end-finishing rotary tools that can de-burr, form or chamfer as required by application needs.
    The tools are designed to finish both the inside diameter and outside diameter of tubing ends in a single operation, and many feature adjustable two-piece construction to accommodate work on same-size tubing having varying wall thickness ranges.
    Depending upon the application, other features may include Chatterless™ tooth geometry, which alternates tooth cutting angles to eliminate resonant vibration from the tool and workpiece for smooth finishes, and Severance’s exclusive Grayhone™ finish, which provides cutting edges ready to work with no break-in period required.

    Among the tools offered are a full line of tube de-burring tools available in high speed steel or carbide construction. Although they provide a 30° inside chamfer and a 45° outside chamfer, these tools are designed for light duty – to break sharp edges of both the inside and outside diameter simultaneously. They feature tooth geometry with a shearing cutting action for fast cutting that prevents loading of chips.
    The tools can be reground numerous times for long service, and operate in speed ranges of 50 to 200rpm. The outside ring or member is adjustable, secured by screws, to provide various outside edge break sizes and to compensate for different wall thicknesses within a given tube diameter range. Tube de-burring cutters are available in standard sizes for 1/8" outside diameter (1/16" inside diameter) to 2-1/4" outside diameter (2" inside diameter) tubing, and with a variety of shank styles.
    Tube end chamfering mills provide the same shear cutting action and adjustable outside ring as the de-burring cutters, and with Chatterless™ angle geometry are designed for heavy duty cutting to machine precise, smooth 45° outside diameter and 30° inside diameter chamfers in applications requiring easy assembly with other components.

    Chamfering mills are available in sizes for pipe and tubing ranging from 3/16" to 2-1/2" outside diameters.
    The tube end-forming cutters machine both an inside diameter and outside diameter radius, establishing a smooth, rounded end that is suitable for applications where tubing may be exposed. A selection of high speed steel and carbide tools are available in sizes for tubing ranging from 1/8" to 2-1/2" outside diameters; each outside diameter size is complemented by a range of wall thickness or gauge sizes to accommodate most popular tubing applications.
    Severance also provides an application-specific design and manufacture service, including custom sizes, chamfer angles and forming characteristics. Single cutting action (inside diameter or outside diameter) chamfering tools are also available, and the company offers a wide range of tool styles and sizes for de-burring holes through tube walls.
    Other Severance tools include 3N1® combination countersink/drills, Midget Mills® rotary files and burrs, inside and outside de-burring and chamfering mills, Micro-Reamers™, electrode dressers, double-end countersinks, Chatterless™ countersinks and adjustable stop countersink units, stop countersink cutters, and a variety of hand-operated finishing tools.

Severance Tool takes bite out of tube end finishing