REGRIND SERVICES ... Have Severance regrind your HSS or Carbide Tools...You’re throwing money away when you discard worn cutting tools. Severance can restore them to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Any brand...any size (1/16” to 3”)...any style, standard or special.

EXPERIENCE PAYS ... The Severance Regrind Department is staffed by the company’s most experienced personnel because restoration is a more exacting task than original manufacture. The first challenge is to correctly identify incoming tools as to their brand, size, shape and catalog number (or drawing number in the case of specials). Then, the degree of damage is evaluated for each tool to determine the processing steps needed to restore it to original specifications.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL ... Severance receives many tools for regrinding that are neither cataloged items (ours or other brands) nor Severance-manufactured specials. If these tools are not accompanied by a description or drawing, they go to our inspection department. Engineering prepares a drawing, based on identifiable dimensions and features of the tool. The customer may be called to resolve any remaining questions. A print is then retained in the incoming inspection file against future appearances of the tool.

ESTABLISHING SHAPE ... Tools that need anything more than a light sharpening cut go to the machine grinding department. Here, the basic shape of the tool is re established by removing enough material to get rid of dull edges and chips. After repeated regrindings, or when major damage is involved, the tool may need refluting. This operation is also done in the machine regrinding department.

THE CUTTING EDGE ... The final step in the reconditioning of a cutting tool is “backing off” the cutting edge. This hand grinding operation removes material behind the edge at a specified angle, leaving a thin land to support the cutting edge. Final cutting tooth geometry determines the performance and durability of the tool, so our craftsmen adhere very closely to established specifications.

Save 70% on tool cost with regrinding!

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