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Special Tools And Modified Standards


Special tools are designed to produce a complex hole shape in a single pass. They can incorporate as many steps, tapers, radii or contours as necessary. They are manufactured in sizes ranging from less than 1/8 inch in diameter to over four inches. They can usually be produced in either steel or carbide, and may be reground many times for extended service.

Some examples of specials and their uses

Modified Standard

Standard rotary tools can be customized in a variety of ways to better solve specific cutting applications. Special material removal requirements, nonstandard tooth pitches or cuts; meeting special material requirements or machine speeds . . . special shanks; extra long, threaded, flatted, over or under sized can be supplied. Even flexible shafts for deburring impossible-to-reach surfaces, have been created. Tools that are cataloged only in high speed steel can usually be supplied in carbide or titanium nitride coated, to extend tool life. Severance has the advanced technology to solve most tooling requirements.

If It Can Be Machined With A Rotary Tool.
Severance Can Provide The Tool To Do It.

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